Not Asking for it is a catalyst for the many voices around the world who want to speak out against the many forms of abuse against women. From emotional and physical abuse, rape and incest, as well as victim blaming.
To provide a support system for those affected by violence.
To provide information on where to get help from various other established charities and support networks.
To create impactful content to help bring to light the many layers surrounding abuse.
Through the sale of merchandise and events, we aim to raise money for various charities around the world, who support the nature of our cause.
To produce events that will uplift and empower women – from self-defense training, film screenings, workshops and more.

About us

The murder of Japanese national and steel pan player Asami Nagakiya in Trinidad over the 2016 Carnival Season touched the hearts of people from all over the Caribbean and the world. Her untimely and tragic death was put even more so into the forefront by then Port of Spain Mayor Tim Kee. His statements suggested that Nagakiya was the author of her own demise by being dressed in a Carnival costume.

‘Women have a responsibility to ensure they are not abused during the Carnival season. It’s a matter of, if she was still in her costume – I think that’s what I heard – let your imagination roll”.

Comments like this and others he made sparked an outrage – which led to the Mayor’s resignation. Yet, the Mayor himself is not the issue.  Mayor Tim Kee resonated the sentiments of many men and women around the Caribbean and around the world – that if a woman carries herself in a certain manner – she is encouraging to be raped or killed. This is not a story about Trinidad – this is a story about what women face all over the world.

Whilst the outrage has died down, the mentality of victim blaming remains the same – and this is why we have launched the NOT ASKING FOR IT campaign.

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